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Clinical Director

Dr. Ken Brantley is highly skilled in the management of irregular cornea, keratoconus, and advanced contact lens care.  Dr. Brantley has served thousands of irregular cornea and keratoconus patients throughout his 27-year career.  Dr. Brantley completed clinical externships at the Washington University School of Medicine and the O'Donnell Eye Institute in ocular disease and refractive care.  Dr. Brantley, a Dean's List Scholar,  received his Doctorate of Optometry and Vision Science from the University of Missouri College of Optometry in 1996. Since graduation, Dr. Brantley has successfully completed post-doctoral credentialing in Corneal Refractive Therapy (C.R.T., 1997), Vision Shaping Treatment (V.S.T., 2001), Advanced Scleral Lens Management of Irregular Cornea (Duke, 2005), Advanced Laser treatment of the Anterior Segment (Northeastern State University, 2018), Surgical Procedures for the Optometric Physician (Northeastern State University, 2018), Accepted Member of the International Keratoconus Academy (I.K.A., 2023). Dr. Brantley is also a certified professional photographer (C.P.P., 2023) and a member of The Professional Photographers of America.  He currently serves as the clinical care director of the Irregular Cornea and Scleral Lens Clinic at the Alabama Cornea Care Center. 

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