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The Alabama Cornea Care Center, LLC is the first Northern Alabama irregular cornea referral center exclusively dedicated to the corneal health and well-being of patients 7 years old through adulthood. We specialize in caring for patients with poor vision due to LASIK, RK, PRK, ALC, Corneal Transplants, Keratoconus, and injury.   We provide concierge care for complex patients needing individualized medical and optical management.  We prescribe "medically necessary" contact lenses including advanced customized rigid gas-permeable scleral lenses, multifocal gas-perm, corneal reshaping lenses, and many more specialty lens options. 

We are concerned with all aspects of your eye health, but we specifically focus on vision problems caused by imperfections of the cornea - the outer lens of the eye. Our concierge patients are from all over the world and have unique issues. Our goal is to manage these patients holistically, including both the visual and emotional well-being at each stage of progressive corneal illness. We understand vision problems and eye health issues can be confusing, so we will work with you to answer any questions you may have.

The Alabama Cornea Care Center believes in raising awareness about degenerative corneal diseases and promoting healthy eye care habits through our free Keratoconus Connection Conferences. We offer you helpful advice, tools, and tips on keeping your eyes comfortable and healthy. Our conferences feature vibrant, inspiring speakers who share treatment advances for corneal disease patients or personal success strategies for living with corneal problems. Our international conferences are offered online at no cost and are open to everyone, but please join the Keratoconus Connection Group International by visiting us here: Below are some of our satisfied patients.  

Dr. Brantley took the time to listen and work through the issues I have been facing for years that went undiagnosed from my previous doctor. Today I was blown away by the vision I will be able to have with my new contacts. Do yourself a favor and see Dr. Brantley if you are experiencing any issues with your cornea! Great experience!
Christen Lynn Finley
"Let me just start by saying the Alabama Cornea Care Center changed my life! There is no greater feeling in the world than the moment you know that life, as you know it, has changed for the better! Dr. Brantley and his staff gave me that moment! I have been battling Kerataconus for over five years and for the first time I felt what I never thought I and secure in the fact that my eyes were gonna be okay and that I would have a real "fix" for the trying task that is fitting a "hard" contact lens. With little to no effort at all, Dr. Brantley fit me in the most comfortable (almost untraceable) contact lenses I have ever worn, soft lenses not excluded. He has been my miracle worker and I am forever grateful for him and for having a referring Doctor with the foresight to know that he was the person I needed to see!"
Joanna Troupe
"I wish I could give Dr. Brantley 10 stars! He is an awesome doctor and a great person. My husband has keratoconus and has been in hard contacts for many years. His vision had been going downhill for many years. We participated in two clinical trials in Nashville which stopped the progression of the disease, but his vision was still not that great. We were told by several doctors there was nothing else to be done, this was as good as it was going to get. He began having severe eye pain one day and while searching for a doctor I happened upon Dr. Brantley. I couldn't believe there was a keratoconus specialist right here in Huntsville. He got my husband in super quick and solved the pain issue (corneal abrasions caused by ill-fitting contacts). Then we began the process of fitting for new contacts. He was methodical and a self- proclaimed perfectionist. He wasn't going to rest until he got my husband to the best vision possible. We walked out of the last appointment with him seeing 20/20 in both eyes for the first time in his adult life. He read billboards and signs to me the whole way home. A few weeks later we welcomed our sweet baby girl into the world. My husband was able to see her with perfect vision. Now that is a blessing. We thank God that He brought Dr. Brantley to Huntsville and has blessed him with such knowledge, talent, and a giving heart. You can tell that he has such a heart for his patients and really, truly cares about them. Thank you, Dr. Brantley!!!!!!"
Shanna Keezer
"It is a MIRACLE! I am leaving AL CORNEA CARE after having read the 20/15 line on the eye chart for maybe the first time ever! Before Dr. Brantley, the best I could see was the 20/50 line-and that was with my contacts. Let's not even talk about with my glasses! I am now sitting in my car in the parking lot just looking around. Everything is so clear and sharp! Ok, now I am tearing up. I didn't think to see this well was even possible for me anymore!!! Thank you, Dr. Brantley, and the AL Cornea Care team! I am so very grateful!!!"
Leah Adkins Stiles 
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