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Do you fit Scleral Lenses?

Yes, we fit scleral lenses as well as many other types of customized lenses in both Rigid Gas Perm and Soft Lens material modalities.  We discuss and recommend a corneal consultation to determine what is best for your specific case.  


I've had problems after LASIK; can I be helped?

We treat all types of irregular cornea problems including problems caused by LASIK, RK, PRK, LASEK, Stromal Rings, Corneal Transplants (CT), Corneal Cross-linking, corneal trauma, and disease. There is hope for most cases.


Do you take out-of-state or foreign patients?

Yes, we see patients from around the world.  We have lodging arrangements with several hotels within walking distance of our referral center.  Specify your status at the time of your appointment and we will forward lodging arrangements and an expedited care schedule to you and your physician.  


How long does the treatment take?

We care for cases that range in complexity.  Some cases are simply managed in several days while chronic or progressive conditions may require a lifetime of consistent care. 


Am I suitable?

Patients are triaged based on the case complexity. Patients with more advanced problems are usually seen sooner. Patients with mild symptoms are best managed by their primary eye doctor or surgeon.  A simple chart review with Dr. Brantley at your corneal consultation will determine if our advanced services are right for you.


Can I drive aftercare?

Many poorly sighted patients see a marked improvement in their vision after rehabilitative treatments.  We can not predict your visual outcomes without diagnostic testing. You will have a clear understanding of your visual potential after your corneal consultation.   


When can I be seen?

After your vision records are received from your current doctor(s) it takes a minimum of 3 days to review and schedule your appointment.   Most patients can be seen within a week of their initial request. 

Do you see "regular" eye exam or eyeglasses patients?

We do not generally see routine eye care patients. Most patients we care for can not use glasses or traditional treatment options available from a general eye doctor. We do however monitor family members of patients with genetic issues very closely for disease development.

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